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The objective of this Enfants & Développement web-based database is to provide our teams, partners or any other persons interested by our programs and methods with documentation and tools in order to understand what we do, to implement similar activities and/or to improve the quality of their actions.

This library is dedicated to activities of the social programs of Enfants & Developpement.

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Latest updates :

Guidelines for individual counselling in social centers       11 October 2012

The document describes how to organize individual counseling sessions in a social center. It is based on the experience of the Family Development Program implemented in Burkina Faso. It includes guidelines about the composition of the team, the opening hours, the target group of the social centers, and the interview process. It is also describing the attitudes and behaviors of the social workers and the documents that must be available in a social centre.

Partners information cards       11 October 2012

Templates of information cards on different types of organizations: NGOs, associations, health facilities, schools, vocational training and literacy centers.
These cards aim at making an inventory of partner organizations and service providers and to collect information about them. In a family development program, they are used by social workers and network in charge when building or strengthening the referral network.

French version is available on French web site.

Minutes of the capitalization seminar - Phnom Penh 2011       11 October 2012

To complement the PowerPoint presentations used during the seminar, this document compiles questions from the participants, answers and remarks of the speakers, role-playing games, results of the group works and other information relative to the activities that took place during the seminar.

Capitalization seminar Evaluation Report       11 October 2012

During the seminar organized in Phnom Penh - Cambodia in 2011, the participants were asked to evaluate the seminar every day and at the end of the week. This report presents the main findings of these evaluations.

Program of the capitalization seminar 2011 - Phnom Penh       11 October 2012

Program of the capitalization seminar on Family Development Programs organized by Enfants&Developpement in Cambodia - Phnom Penh from November 28 to December 2, 2011.

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