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  Our methods

Areas of intervention

The main areas of E&D's intervention have expanded as it continues to gain greater experience: primary health care, small children's development, help for children in difficult circumstances in urban or semi-urban areas, social action, the fight against violence and exclusion, and community development in urban, semi-urban, or rural areas.

Principles of action

• To use the needs we identify in the field to develop our projects, and NOT the expectations of our financers or topics in the news which could touch donors.
• To be directly involved in development projects: E&D does not finance projects if we are not directly involved in the creation and set up.
• To act in the direct interest of the populations of these countries.
• To keep down all administrative costs so that 90% of the funds we collect go directly to the projects and recipients.


• To involve the recipient communities and the local partners (be they associations or the state) in each step: targeting the needs, creation and set up of the project.
• To train a qualified local personnel which would eventually run the programs independently.
• To encourage the creation of local structures due to these projects.