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Enfants&Développement was created on April 26, 1984 as "SOS Children of Cambodia" in order to help the child victims of the Cambodian genocide. We were the first NGO to permanently establish ourselves in Cambodia.

Until 1987, all our different projects were centered in this country: procurement of medications and medical materials, training nurses, technical support...The seriousness and the quality of these actions, which have continued over many years, has allowed us to create a special relationship and to become recognized in the country.

Remaining in the same geographical area has allowed us to better understand socio-economical and political contexts there, and our association has been able to extend our activities to Laos , the Philippines , Vietnam , Nepal , Sri Lanka , and also Burkina Faso and France . Our purpose remains "to improve the living conditions, health, and education of the neediest children."

E&D Timeline:

1984: SOS Enfants du Cambodge, first French NGO in Cambodia
1987: First intervention in the Philippines and in Laos
1991: E&D joins "Save the Children", an international alliance
1993: First steps into Vietnam
1996: E&D begins its first project in France 2001: E&D begins to support the Nepalese association "Voice of Children"
2002: E&D withdraws from Save the Children to regain its freedom of action
2004: First action in Burkina Faso - E&D celebrated its 20th birthday
2005: E&D launches projects in Sri Lanka & Thailand
2009: The project "protection and support of street children in Kathmandu” was awarded the Human Right Prize of the French Republic

E&D celebrated his 27th birthday...