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Financing of the Association

Our sources of funding
The majority of our financing comes from public funds and sponsors (European Union, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bank of Asian Development, UNICEF...). This guarantees rigour and quality in our work, since this kind of financing is obtained through the presentation of a well-argued and technical dossier. The competition for this kind of support is often fierce.

Thus being so, the promotion of our activities and the collection of donations from the public is vital: without a minimum contribution from private funds, the public funds cannot be released. We therefore run campaigns to inform and to request the generosity of the public. In this way, we favour the quality of the commitment of our partners.


Charges distribution
In 2011, more than 85% of the funds collected by E&D were distributed directly to our projects. For every 10 euros received, 8,5 euros go directly to the current programs in the field.

The accounts are certified every year by KPMG.