Our Mission

Enfants & Développement has carried out the Family Development Program in all its intervention countries: Vietnam, Cambodia, Nepal and Burkina Faso. The methodology used by E&D is highly progressive/innovative. It consists in both vesting responsibility in the families and giving them the necessary resources and follow-up so that they can achieve their objectives.

The efficiency and success of the program is based on two key factors: a good partnership with local authorities and local social actors and the complete involvement of the families in the process ofi improving their living conditions.

Once a family asks for help, all the work is completed at their home by a social worker who sets objectives and goals to attain, with the family, and provides intensive support during a six months period in order to create long term solutions.

In order to improve the quality of social services in the areas of intervention, the project is based on a network of public and private actors that has been developing since the beginning of the project. Every day, the Social Centers welcome and deliver counselling to all the families of the District, including those who are not followed-up with at home.

The Family Support project works with the family as a unit, but the contract of service is created with a member of the family (usually the mother).

Les résultats en 2014
In Burkina Faso : 3.233 direct beneficiaries
In Cambodia : 5.446 direct beneficiaries
In Nepal : 3.877 direct beneficiaries
In Vietnam : 2.800 direct beneficiaries

For more information, you can watch the video "Family Development" below:

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