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Enfants & Développement has carried out projects of vocational training since 2011 in Nepal with its local partner Voice Of Children, and has just launched this project in Vietnam where it will be fully operational from 2013 onwards.

E&D’s actions invocational training are carried out in collaboration with social action programs led by the vulnerable populations in our countries of intervention.

The project aims to help young adults and adolescents from the slums and social centers of our local partners to elaborate on a personal professional project. The beneficiaries are between 14 and 30 years of age.

The project has two components : orientation and follow up in vocational training and accompaniment in the labour market. Young people are informed of the different trades and training required for the professions they desire, are briefed and prepared for the difficulties they may encounter, and are then enrolled in training and followed. Once they have received their diploma, they are guided in the labor market to find a job in their area of qualification. To do this, the social work team works daily with the young individuals so that he or she attains a social-economic autonomy. This work is done in the network with the training centers and enterprises, the employers, the different sectoral clusters and the cooperatives.

The Results in 2014
339 youths helped in the elaboration of their professionnal project
286 of them found a formation, a job or an apprenticeship training, which represents 84%
131 new partners (firms, formation center and so on)

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