Khoudia Mbaye

Why did E&D ask you to be an ambassador ?

Because I am a committed woman, and I am putting it forward in everything I do. Currently, I am a professionnal model, an actor (I am playing in two Senegalese series), host at the webradio Music4live on the TV show Ô TOURS DE L’ART, Also, I am a commentator for the show Tantine on the channel Télésud.

Why did you accept ?

I accepted because I see myself in this humanitarian approach. I am a strong young woman, committed to rights, equality, and parity, whether it is for men or women. I mourn what happens in conflictual areas or in the third-world cities, where the anchoring of indigence destroys family and creates children with no future. At the end, the ones who suffer the most are women, although they are essential to our societies.
With the few means I have, I hope to fullfill viscerally this role of ambassador in order to contribute to this cause we are all concerned with.

What does "ambassador"mean to you ?

According to me, an ambassador’s role is to represent E&D, to inform people around me each time I have the occasion to, especially in the many events I’m attending as a model and in the media, to promote its existence and naturally to explain the support it brings to these poor people living a bitter life, through vocational training, access to health care, education etc…

What do you expect by being E&D’s ambassador ?

I hope I will live up to this role, which is really important to me. I wish men, women and children can live with dignity, respect, love, wherever they are in the world. An act of benevolence is never small, each one of us must bring their part so that the world is a better place to live.

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