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Enfants & Développement has been intervening in Vietnam for 20 years through programs in its 4 areas of focus. As a result, the association has been able to develop privileged relationship with local partners. E&D is extending its activities by leading two new projects in 2015. The first projet, the 360 project, combines social work and access to employment in order to help ethnic minorities and migrants that are excluded from economic growth. In addition to the 360 projet, E&D leads the "protection of childhood" project.


Since its reunification in 1976 and its entrance into the market economy, Vietnam has experienced one of the most significant economic growths of the Asian continent. However, many remain outside of the growth. The country is also facing a massive rural exodus, which causes more difficulties to access health and education services, and maternal and infant mortality rates remain high. They combine vulnerability factors and for financial and legal reasons, or due to ignorance or even self-exclusion, they experience numerous difficulties in obtaining basic services. Furthermore, Vietnam is currently facing difficulties in the areas of employment and professional integration.

The Projects

- Family Development project :
The purpose of the Family Development project is to improve the living conditions of the poorest and most vulnerable families. The objective is to guide people lacking daily resources by using already existing local services. The Family Development project creates a bridge between the family and its environment, while reinforcing its own resilience and autonomy capacities.

- Vocational training :
Vietnam - particularly Ho-Chi-Minh-City – is nowadays facing many difficulties in matter of employment and professional insertion. Indeed, thousands of newcomers arrive every year in the labour market, but a country’s economic development requires qualified workforce in sufficient quantities. With the vocational training project developed by E&D, social workers guide the teenagers and young adults coming from reception and preparatin centers, as well as those living in slums, to define and complete professional projects.

- Childhood protection :
Nowadays, around 20% of Vietnamese children are still living in harsh conditions and social actors face difficulties in their fight against most social and psychological challenges.
Vietnam lacks professional social workers and the intervention by social actors currently taking place has been insufficient due to the actor’s lack of experience in providing aid to vulnerable populations. Moreover, where child protection services exist, they tend to be remote, largely unregulated, and struggle to provide effective protection for children. Thus, this project aims at reducing the number of children who experience, or are at risk for, mistreatment, neglect, abuse, and exploitation.

Key Figures 2014 :
3 146 direct beneficiaries
• Plus de 600 students and techers trained
86% of girls and young women

Our local partners :
- Comité populaire du District 8
- Centres de formation de Hung Vuong et de Nhan Dao

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