E&D in Cambodia

Cambodia is E&D’s historical cradle. First known as "SOS Enfants du Cambodge", E&D intervened in Cambodia from 1984 onwards by aiding nearby populations weakened by 30 years of civil war and exaction under the regime of Khmers Rouge. First engaged in the field of health care, E&D has expanded its actions by developing social and educational projects. Currently, E&D acts in Phnom Penh, where the huge immigration flows cause difficulties in access to social services, as well as problems in malnourishment, lack of access to education and health care . In addition, inequalities are growing. E&D also intervenes in the Kampong Speu province, one of the most affected by child and maternal mortality.


Nowadays, Cambodia remains one of the least developped countries in South-west Asia. Sixty percent of the population is rural, and often lives in very difficult conditions. As a result, there is a high rate of malnourishment, a lack of information about sanitary and hygiene issues, as well as educational problems. While progress has been made in terms of access to education over the last years, the literacy rate remains low.

The Projects

- Sexual and Reproductive Health :
Kampong Speu province is one of the most affected by child and maternal mortality, mainly because of the distance from sanitary structures and health care costs. The Sexual and Reproductive Health acts comprehensively for the need of health care via a community prevention approach and on quality of care by reinforcing local public actors. Recently, more and more women have acess to information about risks during pregnancy, and are therefore visiting health centers so that they can be receive care, give birth, and have access to contraception.

- Early Childhood :
In spite of the key role early childhood has on development, the implementation of policies that support education is slowed down by the lack of technical and financial means. Since 1989, E&D has been involved in Cambodia in the promotion of preschool education. With its local partner Krousar Yoeung, the organisation participated in the implementation of the school program for the Ministry of Education and created about a hundred preschool centers in rural areas. The goal to support these centers for three years untill they reach autonomy has been widely achieved. Currently, E&D and KrY are working together on a project to reinforce the capacities of non-governmental actors working on the field of early childhood.

- Family Development program :
The purpose of the Family Development program is to improve living conditions of the poorest and most vulnerable families. This project consists of guiding people who suffer a shortage of daily resources by using already existing local services. The Family Development program creates a bridge between the family and its environment, while strengthening its own resilience and capacities for autonomy.

Key Figures 2014 :

37 262 Direct Beneficiaries
50% of children
85 % of women and young girls

Our local partners :

- Samatheapap Khnom Organization (SKO)
- Krousar Youeng (KrY)
- Département Sanitaire provincial de Kampong Speu (autorité locale)

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