Nos principes d’action

  • To combine Relevance and Independence
    E&D wishes to respond as effectively as possible to the needs of populations and particularly of children. E&D’s interventions are developed based on assessments carried out on the ground with the beneficiaries and partners without any pressure from the media.

  • To act neutrally, respecting universal values
    E&D works with the most underprivileged people while respecting local traditions and skills, without racial, sexual or ethnic discrimination towards the beneficiaries. E&D is committed to promoting the rights of children, women and victims of discrimination.

  • To be effective and tangible
    E&D’s target populations should benefit concretely from the actions put in place. E&D optimises the use of its resources to make sure they are used primarily to benefit children, families and the community.

  • To strengthen autonomy in the long-term
    E&D seeks to strengthen the capacity of disadvantaged populations to improve their living conditions themselves.With this aim in mind, the transfer of skills to local partners and experience-based learning are essential priorities.The autonomy of the populations and the local partners is reinforced with a view to encouraging the sustainable development of communities in our countries of intervention.

  • To commit to transparency and good management
    E&D is committed, towards its beneficiaries, partners and donors, to providing transparent and reliable information on the use of funds. E&D sets up information systems and management procedures which allow complete traceability and rigorous checking of resources.

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